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     Welcome to Maximum Carnage, the most ambitious gaming site to ever hit the world wide web. Designed to be the one-stop source for everything related to the hottest PC games on the market today, we work night and day to deliver the most in files and information, in a package that is easy to read, easy to navigate, and no-frills. That's it, plain and simple. So maybe we won't win any awards for graphics presentation... that's not the point. Our belief is the internet is about content, so we promise to deliver that, in spades.

     Founded in December of 1996 by Dryden, who maintained the most visited Rise of the Triad web site on the internet, and Charlie Wiederhold, who invited plenty of attention as well for his .RTS Archive and several well known game utilities (EditCON for Duke Nukem 3D among them), this site is the alternative to the hundreds of other boring old game sites on the web. Designed as a vehicle to cover several games other than just ROTT (whose popularity has waned in the past year with the release of Duke and Quake) I - Dryden - quickly realized that it would be impossible to maintain this site without assistance, so I promptly recruited Charlie, who was more than willing to lend a hand. Our primary goal is, and has been since day one, to design a site that could be navigated quickly, easily, and free of all the eye-candy graphics that only help in slowing down browsing time and page loads.

     This site is still under heavy development, and won't be fleshed out until at least the end of Spring. If you have any comments or suggestions about what actually is available now, then please drop us a line! The primary sections of this site which aren't complete are the Duke 3D levels page, the re-vamped .RTS Archive, and the Quake and Warcraft 2 areas. We're laboring 24 / 7 though to get these areas completed, as well as designing sections for at least a dozen more titles, so please check back frequently.

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Games Source: Welcome home PC game fiends. 100% pure game coverage and a quarter of a gig in sounds, levels, and accessories for the only games worth playing.

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