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     As the development of Maximum Carnage continues, we want to keep you as up to date with everything we are doing. This mailing list, along with the What's New! page, are your keys to staying informed.

     The What's New! page will always be the most detailed account of progress at Maximum Carnage. However, approximately once a month we will send out to our list subscribers a message detailing some of the big developments that occured during the month. Also, this is where we will make announcements of future projects, extremely hot gaming news, and anything else of importance to you as a game player. So, if you want to be "in the know" of future developments... don't miss out and sign up to become a part of the Maximum Carnage Update List.

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Welcome: Headlines in the gaming industry and how we've opted to cover them, otherwise known as the main menu.

Games Source: Welcome home PC game fiends. 100% pure game coverage and a quarter of a gig in sounds, levels, and accessories for the only games worth playing.

What's New!: No stone goes unturned here. This is where to find EVERY little change made to this site within the past 14 days, right down to an added file, changed link, or even a corrected typo.

Feedback: Interested in who's who at Maximum Carnage and possibly getting in touch? Everyone involved with the site can be located through here, should you actually be desperate enough to want to communicate with any of us.

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