RTS Archive: Utilities

RTS Maker 2.0 from Apogee/3D Realms:

rtsmakr2.zip - 10,453 bytes.
By Apogee, this program will compile and uncompile RTS files. Limited instructions included. If you want to make your own RTS files, you must have this. Type rtsmaker at the DOS prompt for some extra instructions.

WAV/VOC Sound Editors:

gwave303.zip - 464,336 bytes.
Goldwave 3.03 sound editor by Chris S. Greg. This is a fantastic sound editor for Windows 3.1 and above. Many of the best RTS files were created after using this program to edit and clean up the sound files.

voc2wav.zip - 42,297 bytes.
Command prompt based sound editor that contains 2 .EXE files. One to convert .WAV files to .VOC files, and one to do the opposite. Often times sounds won't work, but converting them to the opposite format fixes the problem when creating RTS files.

wham133.zip - 139,051 bytes.
Windows 3.1 sound editor by Andrew Bulhak. Allows you to edit your sounds so that you can get them just right. If GoldWave doesn't work, try this one out.

Front-ends for RTS Maker:

dosrts10.zip - 12,589 bytes.
DOS based front-end RTS creation program by Charlie Wiederhold. You must have rtsmaker.exe in order for this to work. Extremely easy to use, and greatly speeds up the process of creating RTS files. A must have if you are going to be making lots of RTS files.

winrts.zip - 17,830 bytes.
Front-end RTS creation program written by Robert Starkey. For Windows 3.1 and above. Nice effective program and easy to use.

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